Unique and Surprising Uses for Gold

Posted May 22, 2017

Remember when your history teachers lectured you and your classmates about the Gold Standard? Here’s a quick refresher in case you don’t remember. The Gold Standard is a monetary method that determines how much a nation’s currency is worth, depending on how much gold the country possesses as well as how much gold is worth… View Article

Top 5 Vacation Spots for Treasure Hunters

Posted May 18, 2016

In our previous blog posts, we’ve discussed some rare coins and precious metals that you might find in your everyday life. But if you want to get serious about finding treasure, eventually you’ll have to head outside and start looking. But what do treasure-hunting hopefuls do if there aren’t any historic sites or gold mines… View Article

Coin Collecting 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Collection

Posted May 16, 2016

Welcome to the world of coin collecting! If you’re just getting started, you may feel confused, intimidated, and even a little overwhelmed at the thought of starting your own coin collection. If so, we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. Coin collecting is a fun, exhilarating hobby that will keep… View Article

Don’t Fake It: 7 Ways to Identify Precious Metals

Posted May 16, 2016

When you think of precious metals, you probably think of expensive jewelry, Tiffany’s boxes, or the intricate cogs of a pricey watch. But many people manage to find precious metals in unlikely places. Treasure seekers find rare coins using metal detectors, while bargain shoppers often find precious metal jewelry at pawn shops and consignment boutiques…. View Article

Need Extra Money? 6 Ideas for Making an Easy Dollar

Posted March 16, 2016

Have you ever thought of ways to devise a get-rich-quick scheme? Maybe when you were younger, you thought a lemonade stand would rake in gobs of cash for your spending pleasure. Or perhaps you offered to mow neighborhood lawns so that you could afford a new bike. But now, you make a living working a… View Article

Ready to Treasure Hunt in Colorado? Follow These 6 Tips

Posted February 17, 2016

To a bounty hunter, the thrill is in the search. But to a treasure hunter, the greater thrill is in the find. And Colorado is as good a place as any for those who like to seek and find coins or other rare objects. Of course, tastes vary. Those who enjoy collecting coins may want… View Article

Is Your State Quarter Collection Worth Anything?

Posted January 14, 2016

From 1999 to 2008, the US Mint created five special quarter designs every year to honor the 50 states. The state quarters were minted in order of when each state ratified the Constitution or was admitted to the Union. The US Mint also authorized and minted six additional quarters to honor the District of Columbia… View Article

A Brief History of Gold and Silver in Colorado

Posted December 10, 2015

Colorado has many perks, from its beautiful scenery and top-notch ski resorts to the relatively low cost of living. But apart from offering a host of benefits to its residents, Colorado also plays an important national role: it’s one of the top gold-producing states in America. Colorado’s rich history of gold and silver mining goes… View Article

Here’s Why It’s Essential To Own Gold

Posted December 4, 2015

Many individuals are perplexed about the current low gold prices especially with all the madness in the world. It just doesn’t make sense. While the U.S Federal Reserve (Fed) has backed off from printing money, the other major central banks continue to print. While sovereign debt around the wold continues to explode, most countries still… View Article

5 World Currencies That Are Closely Tied to Commodities

Posted November 19, 2015

For more than a year now, commodity prices have been under pressure from the h2 U.S. dollar and slowing global demand. This has made a huge dent in the balance sheet of many net exporters of resources, in turn weakening their currencies. This should come as a shock to no one, but what most people… View Article