Types Of Non-Currency Coins You Can Collect

Coin collections are not just limited to pennies, dimes, and nickels. Despite the vast collection of coins the US mint has officially released over the years, you have the option to collect coins of all kinds. Many companies have produced their own coin collections, and some coins have increased in value due to collectors’ interest and connections to historical moments.

Check out some of the non-currency coins you can collect. The more you learn about the coins, the more your interest can grow about the various coin options.

  1. Commemorative Coins

Many companies and organizations celebrate special events and releases with commemorative coins. The details in the coin will typically include the year of the event and a special image to represent the time period. For example, many coins come out for a special anniversary. Sports teams will often issue special coins to celebrate a winning season or a career milestone.

The coins were often used as giveaways or as part of a souvenir purchase package. Media companies produced a number of commemorative coins over the years as well. Some companies will produce coins to go with DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

For example, a John Wick movie pack included a commemorative coin replica that matched the custom coins in the movie. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies special edition Blu-Ray came with a collectible dwarven treasure coin set.

The coins not only offer unique designs and display pieces, but many of them feature valuable materials like silver and gold.

  1. Arcade Coins

Modern arcades rely on a card system to load credits for games, but for multiple decades, many arcades relied on tokens to operate games. Tokens allowed arcade owners to control their currency, keep track of money, and showcase personal branding.

Arcade tokens may not have any monetary value, but they do capture a piece of history and provide nostalgia. You could shop for arcade tokens that represent popular chain restaurants like Chuck E. Cheese. You could also search for locations you went to as a child.

Bigger companies often sponsored arcade tokens. For example, you could collect arcade tokens with pictures of video game characters like Pac-Man. The tokens often got a lot of play in arcades on a daily basis. Mint arcade coins create a challenge to find and make the coin search more enjoyable once you come across one.

  1. Gaming Coins

Similar to arcade tokens are gaming coins. As adults transitioned from the world of arcades to slot machines, the coins they used would change. Casino coins and chips make fun collectibles. For security purposes, many casinos would manufacture their own chips or coins and include small details and decals.

Shop for gaming coins from a favorite casino or with a specific theme. For example, you could purchase gaming coins that all come from the 1990s. As you shop for the various items, you may come across some gems or coins you actually gambled with in the past.

  1. Trade Tokens

Multiple generations ago, people used trade tokens when the wide use of U.S Mint currency was not readily available. Typically limited to specific states, trade tokens helped with entry to special events and for actual goods. The tokens hold a special place in US history, but a collection can vary.

People created hundreds and hundreds of trade tokens all across the United States. As you plan out a collection, you may choose to stick with a specific state or look for certain trade token materials like silver or copper.

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