Metal Detector Instruction Manuals

We have downloadable instruction manuals available for all of the brands and models that we carry.


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Treasure Hound Manual

Ace 350 Manual

Ace 150 Manual

Ace 250 Manual

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Manual

Garrett Pro-Pointer II Manual

Garrett ATX Metal Manual

Garrett AT Gold Manual

Garrett GTI 2500 Manual

Garrett AT Pro Manual

Garrett ACE 400 Manual

Garrett ACE 200 Manual


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Vanquish 540 Manual

Vanquish 440 Manual

Vanquish 340 Manual

E-Trac Manual

Safari Manual

Equinox 800 Manual

GPZ 7000 Manual

Gold Monster 1000 Manual

GPX 5000 Manual

X-TERRA 705 Manual

Go-Find 20 Manual

Go-Find 40 Manual

Go-Find 60 Manual


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White’s MX5 Manual

White’s TreasurePro Manual

White’s Spectra V3I Manual

White’s Coinmaster Manual

White’s GoldMaster GMT Manual

White’s TreasureMaster Manual

White’s TDI SL Manual

White’s MXT Pro Manual

White’s MX Sport Manual

White’s Spectra VX3 Manual

White’s TM-808 Manual

White’s Bullseye TRX Manual