4 Birthday Gifts Ideal for Young Coin Collectors

The hobby of coin collecting has expanded through multiple generations and includes a wide range of collectors. For example, children will often find themselves drawn to the world of coins and collecting. If you know a child who has an interest in collecting coins, then you can celebrate their birthday with special gifts associated with the hobby.

Check out some ideal birthday gift options that will stand out and impress young collectors. The options will go hand-in-hand with any specific coins they have already started collecting and can also pair well with any traditional coins you try to give them.

1. Coin Collection Guide

The internet has all kinds of galleries and digital coin collection guides, but there’s something different about flipping through a coin collection book. A book offers images, information, and an easy way to keep track of specific coins that a child wants. You could purchase the newest edition of coin collection guides for a child.

The guide will teach them the history of the coins and give them a lot of coins to look for and collect in the future. Besides book guides, consider a subscription to a coin-collecting magazine. A subscription can spread your gift out over several months and provide a child with multiple ways to enjoy their hobby.

Many of the magazines also have digital versions available so you could purchase a digital copy that a child could read before they receive their first issue in the mail.

2. Metal Detector

Along with purchasing their own coins, a child can experience the thrill of the hunt with a metal detector. A metal detector allows a child to search around areas and see if any coins are buried nearby. A child who owns their own metal detector can learn the best ways to scan and hunt down buried treasures.

They can feel a lot of thrills when they uncover coins and discover some rare gems among their digs. Once a child finds coins, they can keep the coins as part of their own collection or visit a coin store to trade or sell the coins. Choose a metal detector with advanced features but also one that is small enough for a child to easily carry around places.

3. Exonumia Collectibles

Unlike coins in circulation, exonumia coins are tokens created for entertainment purposes. Children often love exonumia tokens and collectibles because of their fun and creative designs. For example, all arcade tokens are considered exonumia. You could purchase a collection of retro arcade tokens from places around the globe.

For example, if a child loves Chuck E. Cheese, then you could purchase Chuck E. Cheese tokens from years past. You could also purchase other novelty tokens like collectible poker chips. If a child has a favorite movie or character collection, then you could purchase exonumia related to those characters.

For example, the world of Disney has had several different tokens and coins released through the years. When you build off a theme, you could easily find specific items and help build their collections. Some modern-day treats and candies may come packaged with special coins as a prize. Consider these items when you shop for a child.

4. New Annual Traditions

If a child is early into their coin-collecting hobby, then you have the opportunity to create some new annual traditions that you supply with every birthday. For example, you could purchase collectible coins that feature the child’s birth year. You could purchase coins worth a certain value and increase the value of the coin for each year.

Create a fun tradition that slowly builds up as the years go on.

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