4 Strategies for Building a Coin Collection

Coins are fascinating pieces of American history. A coin, whether it was in circulation or not, can tell you a lot about the time period in which it was minted. The historical significance of some coins helps to make those coins more valuable than their face value might suggest. Additionally, a lot of people enjoy amassing a coin collection because of the stories coins can tell about the history of the nation.

The government has minted many different coins throughout the years. As a result, new collectors might have a hard time determining where to start when building a collection.

These four proven collection strategies can help you successfully start a coin collection of your own.

  1. Collect by Type

Collecting coins by type requires you to identify the coin denomination that interests you most. Some collectors like one-cent coins. Others prefer to collect nickels. No matter what denomination of coin you decide on, collecting based on type lets you narrow your options quickly when looking for coins to add to your collection.

First, try to obtain one coin from each series of your chosen coin denomination the government minted when building a collection based on type. Once you have collected a coin from each series, try to expand your collection with a coin from each year within a particular series.

  1. Collect by Series

If certain coins are more interesting to you than others, focus on acquiring coins from the series that coin is part of.

Maybe you like the look of Lincoln cents or Buffalo nickels. Whatever your preference may be, focusing on a specific coin series when building your collection allows you to target the very best coins within that series.

Collectors who like to build their collection by series will often strive to acquire one coin from each year the series was minted. Once they have achieved this goal, the collector might choose to obtain a coin minted in each of the government mints operating during each year of the series.

  1. Collect by Design Theme

If you look closely at the coins that have been minted throughout the years, you will likely notice some recurring themes in the imagery that adorns the surface of each coin. Some coin collectors choose to focus less on the coin and more on the design theme the coin portrays when building their collections.

A collection that focuses on a design theme requires that you identify the symbol you want to pursue. Lady Liberty is a popular choice, as is the bald eagle.

Once you know the specific symbol that you will build your collection around, focus only on coins that embody your chosen design theme. A design theme coin collection will likely include coins of all denominations and metal compositions.

  1. Collect by Date Span

Focusing on a particular date span when collecting coins can be exciting. Collectors who use this strategy typically select a date span that has some type of personal meaning for the collector.

You might choose to collect coins minted during World War I or World War II as a way of honoring your ancestors who fought in these wars. Maybe you want to collect coins minted during your youth as a way of remembering your childhood.

Limiting your collection to a specific date span allows you to build a coin collection that caters to your unique preferences.

No matter what strategy you employ to start building your collection, you will need the help of a reputable coin dealer. Contact Rocky Mountain Coin to help you start collecting today. We look forward to assisting with your coin collecting needs.