4 Supplies Ideal for New Coin Collectors

If you’re starting a new coin collection, you want to get off on the right foot and ensure you have everything you need to build a collection and protect coins of value. Along with shopping for your favorite coins, you should have the tools and supplies needed to examine your own coins and see what various coins are actually worth.

Check out some of the supplies needed if you’re serious about collecting coins. Each one will help as you build your collection and seek out information on valuable coins.

  1. Coin Books

The web is full of misinformation, wrong details, and outdated websites. Get all of the information you need from a single source with a dedicated coin book. A coin book will feature high-quality images of coins, history about the coin, and what to look for in rare coins. The detailed information will become your go-to guide for coin information and references.

As you read through a coin collecting book, you can find out many details and discover coins you may want to start collecting. A large reference book can cover coins from all around the globe or you can stick with a specific reference guide to coins in the United States. Many of the books will also give estimated values and explain why some coins are rarer than others.

  1. Coin Protectors

As you build your coin collection, you want to keep the coins you purchase in the same condition. Scratches or dings could devalue the coin and change the crisp visuals. Purchase a bulk collection of coin protectors to store your coins in. The coin protectors will separate coins and prevent any damage when handling.

If you collect a specific type of coin like quarters, then purchase protectors made for a majority of quarters. The coins will fit in snugly without damaging or warping the coin in any way. Do not try to force a coin into a protector that is too small.

As an alternative, consider a bulk purchase of small plastic baggies. The bags will offer enough protection until a coin is fully graded or goes into a more permanent display case. If anything, the plastic bags will help keep your fingers off of a coin.

  1. Magnifying Glass

Coins have many details that determine their origins and value. The best way to examine all of the details is with a magnifying glass. A basic magnifying glass will work fine, but you could find others with extra features to help you see. For example, an LED light built into the magnifying glass will illuminate the details of a coin and give you a chance to see the year and mint.

You could also purchase a magnifier, which looks like a microscope eyepiece and is laid straight over the top of a coin. You then press your eye up to the eyepiece and can see the coin clearly. Both of these tools are great options.

  1. Metal Detector

Along with buying coins, you have the opportunity to build your coin collection by finding your own treasures. The best way to dig and search for coins in different areas is with a metal detector. A metal detector will help you find coins buried in the ground and preserved in soil for several years.

Metal detecting requires experience to fully master the art. The more you use a metal detector, the easier it becomes to find coins and other buried objects. Advanced metal detectors have extra features and more sensitivity to get accurate results while you search.

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