Almost everyone has some items lying around their house that they can sell, and a significant number of these may be valuable collectibles. If you’re looking for some extra cash, here are five collectible items that you can often sell for nice sums.

1. Coins

People have been collecting coins for centuries, and these remain one of the most intriguing and potentially profitable items. Rare coins can be very valuable and even complete collections of more common ones can still command decent prices.

For example, the 1343 Edward III Florin sold for $6.8 million and the 1933 Double Eagle sold for $7.6 million.

If you have any uncommon or old coins lying around, they could be worth more than what’s printed on their face. You could get anywhere from a few extra bucks to a small fortune depending on what you find.

2. Bullion

Selling gold, silver, and other bullion is different from selling old jewelry, and you shouldn’t take it to just any business that buys unwanted jewelry. Instead, bullion should be brought to a company that specializes in these bars and coins. The right business will know how to accurately value the many different types of bouillon that are available.

Bullion isn’t something that everyone has stowed away in their attic or basement. If you or a family member ever invested in alternative investments at some point in the past, you might have some bars secured away somewhere. Even a small bar can be valuable if it’s made from one of the more valuable metals, like gold or platinum.

3. Watches

High-end watches are much more than a fashion statement. For many, they’re also items of great value. Certain brands and models regularly sell for thousands of Dollars or more depending on condition and mechanical complexity.

Generally speaking, mechanical watches that have finely tuned internal components command the highest prices. If anyone gave you such a watch as a gift or inheritance, the value could be worth far more than the giver or you realized. Someone who specializes in collecting and selling watches can help you determine how much it’s worth.

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