2020 1 oz Queen’s Beasts White Lion of Mortimer

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Queen’s Beasts White Lion of Mortimer



Lions are perhaps the most well-known symbols in heraldry and are often depicted as fearsome creatures. The White Lion of Mortimer is usually shown sitting with its tail between its legs, characterizing traits of loyalty and discipline. Unlike the Lion of England, the White Lion is uncrowned, and its tongue and claws are blue as opposed to red.

Jody Clark says of his design, “During my initial sketches I quickly realized that a profile side view of this beast would be the most effective, mainly because of its tail and stance. The White Lion faces to the right, as does Her Majesty The Queen on the obverse, signifying the royal ancestry and history of the monarchy. It is portrayed differently to the Lion of England which faces head-on, ferocious and rampant, and the strong silhouette around the White Lion accentuates the prominent features of its tail, mane and shield. It was important that the lions were portrayed differently as they embody distinct and contrasting aspects of the history of the monarchy.”


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