1921 Centenario Mexico Gold 50 Peso



Mintage 180,000
Purity .900
Denomination 50 Pesos
Actual Weight 1.2057 troy oz
Gross Weight 41.66 grams
Diameter 37 mm
Thickness 2.8 mm
Mint/Brand Mexico City Mint


The 50 Peso Gold Coin was minted by the Banco de Mexico between 1921 and 1947. The Centenario de Oro was first minted in 1921 to celebrate the first 100 years of the Independence of Mexico.

Production of the 50 Pesos Gold Coin was suspended in 1931. Minting was reestablished in 1943 and continued until 1947.

Each coin contains approximately 1.2 troy ounces of pure gold. It is minted of an alloy that contains 90% pure gold combined with 10% copper, giving it an orangish hue and making it more durable that 24k gold coins.


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