8 oz Antique Finish T-Rex Silver Statue #278

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1st release of the Lost World Collection!
Limited availability of only 1,000 statues!
Brilliant antique finish.

Purity: .925
Manufacturer: Heads or Tales Coin Company
Metal Weight: 8 Troy Ounces
Dimensions: 125x30x70 mm / 4.92×1.18×2.75 in


The most infamous dinosaur from the age of those massive beasts was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This beast of an animal captured the imagination of millions around the globe in the famous Jurassic Park release in the 1990s, and its skeletal remains have been found in countless locations around the globe. Right now, you can own your own depiction of the beast with the 8 oz Antique Finish T-Rex Silver Statue.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, known better as T-Rex, is so-named because it is believed to have been the tyrant lizard, with Rex the Latin for king. T-Rex lived throughout the continent of modern-day North America and on the island continent known as Laramidia, and has been found in fossil records dating to between 68 and 66 million years ago.

T-Rex creatures were truly unique beasts, with a massive skull on its body balanced out by a long, heavy tail. The powerful hind limbs were much larger than the short fore limbs, which were nonetheless unusually powerful for their size. Although it is often depicted as an apex predator in films and other presentations, the T-Rex is believed to perhaps have been more of a scavenger that capitalized on the kills of other predators by scaring them off with sheer size and intimidation.

These statues are 65 million years in the making, and there are only 1,000 of these which will be made by Heads or Tales Coin Company. The individual mintage number of the statue is laser-etched onto the statue.


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