2018 1/4 oz British Gold Queen’s Beast Unicorn Coin

Call for Price

4th design in the Queen’s Beast bullion release!
Contains ¼ Troy oz of .9999 pure gold in BU condition.
Bears a face value of £25 (GBP) backed by the government of Britain.
Obverse includes Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy.
Reverse features the Unicorn of Scotland design in the Queen’s Beast Series!


In 1603, James VI of Scotland also became James I of England – uniting the thrones for the first time. The new king took the Lion of England and one of the Scottish unicorns as supporters for the Royal Arms and they have remained in place ever since. The origin of the unicorn as a regular supporter of the Scottish arms is unknown, but it has been associated with Scotland from the fifteenth century, struck on gold coins called ‘unicorns’ for their design of a unicorn supporting the shield of Scotland.

The Unicorn of Scotland, milk-white with gold hooves, horn and mane, has always had a coronet around its neck like a collar, with a gold chain attached. It’s thought that the chains were to show a great beast tamed to serve the king; certainly, as with most chained beasts in heraldry, its strength is emphasized rather than diminished by their shackles. It holds the royal coat of Scotland, with a red lion rampant (the most fierce stance) on a gold background, which has been unchanged since Alexander III.


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