1948 Canada Dollar Key Date The Rarest of Canadian Silver Dollars


Mintage: 18,780
Alloy: 80% silver, 20% copper
Weight: 23.33 grams
Diameter : 36.00 mm, thickness 2.84 mm
Engraver: Obverse: T. H. Paget, Reverse: Emanuel Hahn
Designer: Obverse: T. H. Paget, Reverse: Emanuel Hahn
Edge: Reeded


The 1948 King George VI Canada Dollar is one of the most sought-after coins in all of Canadian numismatics.

In the series of Canadian Silver Dollars minted from 1935 through 1967, one regular-issue coin reigns supreme both in terms of rarity and value. That piece is none other than the 1948 King George VI Dollar, a coin with a tiny mintage and a major place in Canadian numismatics.

The 1948 Canada Dollar at first glance may appear nearly identical to its other King George VI Dollar counterparts, yet, there was one minor but important change that affected the 1948 Canadian Dollars.

Because the King was no longer Emperor of India, the inscription on the coins had to be changed. Master dies and working punches for the 1948 pieces were not at hand until late in the year. ET. IND: IMP. was dropped from the inscription due to India being granted independence. No dollars of this year were requested by Calgary, Halifax, St. John and Regina.


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