Simple Ways to Prepare and Clean Your Gold Nuggets

While you don’t always need to clean your gold nuggets, especially if they contain other unique and valuable elements like quartz, cleaning them is essential when they don’t have additional components. Cleaning makes them more appealing whether you intend to sell or keep them. 

The use of incorrect cleaning methods that cause rust could destroy your nuggets. You can avoid the destruction by following some of the best and simple ways, which include:

Cleaning With Hot Water and Soap

Depending on the number of sediments and dirt your nuggets have, soap and hot water can clean them. Remember, avoid using hard brushes or anything else that’d scar them. To wash with hot water and soap, soak the nuggets for a considerable time to dissolve the sediments and dirt. Afterward, get a brush such as a toothbrush or a kitchen sponge to scrub off stuck debris on them gently.

If you remove them from the hot water and still see debris, put them back and soak them for a few minutes. Take them out again and scrub the sediments off. This time, use soap with hot water to efficiently dissolve stubborn elements. Repeat the soaking a few times until you’ve entirely scrubbed off any noticeable sediment. Otherwise, if this doesn’t help, don’t stress the scrubbing to avoid scaring them and damaging their aesthetic appeal. 

Cleaning With Salt and Vinegar

With this method, mix salt and vinegar. Use this method if hot water and soap fail. Here, put your nuggets in a container and add a considerable amount of vinegar, depending on the amount of dirt you see on the nuggets. Add enough solution that completely submerges the nuggets in the container. Soak them for some minutes before scrubbing them.

For example, if you dug them from a place with rugged materials, you’ll want to soak them for long to allow the vinegar to break these material particles down before you scrub them off. After the sediments dissolve, add enough salt until you see visible crystals that take a long before dissolving into the solution. When done, cover and shake the container. 

Remember, shake properly and slowly to avoid damaging the nuggets by scrubbing them against each other. Shake the solution slowly and for a long until you see a color change, indicating sediments are dissolving and washing off. If this doesn’t help for the first time, repeat it several times and see the results. 

Also, you can leave them in the container for a few hours before shaking them. However, if after repeating for several times or leaving them for more than eight and above hours doesn’t help, consider another cleaning option.

Using a Rust Remover

For stubborn sediments, especially when your nuggets have caliche and quartz, use a more potent rust remover chemical such as an aluminum brightener. You can find this cleaner in most stores, especially those selling car parts.

 It’s a solution that contains little to no amount of damaging chemical elements containing hydrofluoric acid, which can cause rusting. However, be careful with the amount of aluminum brighter you use since an excessive amount can also affect the aesthetic appeal of your nuggets.

Take Away 

To perfectly clean your gold nuggets to increase their value and aesthetic appeal, you would want to choose a cleaning method that focuses on removing sediments without scaring the nuggets. As such, you have a choice to decide among the methods mentioned above. 

Whichever option you settle for, be sure it doesn’t affect the nuggets. You could consider getting help from an expert. At Rocky Mountain Coin, we are your one-stop-shop for selling and ensuring your nuggets are in their best condition. Contact us today for a prompt solution.