Metal Detectors for Coin Collectors

If you’re an avid coin collector, you may find yourself wandering beaches and parks, searching for treasures others may have missed. Metal detectors are a useful tool for those who build their collections on coins they find, not just coins they can purchase.

Today, let’s go over some points you’ll need to consider when you decide to purchase a metal detector. Your coin collection may benefit quite a bit, depending on what you can find.


All metal detectors will perform their intended purpose: to detect metal. No matter how much or how little you spend on your metal detector, you can be confident that you’ll find more using one than by searching without any aids. If you want to find something specific or from a specific era, however, you will need to invest in a metal detector with more specific functions.


The type of coin you decide to pursue for your collection will affect the specifications you need for your metal detector. If you’re working on more recent currency, like state quarters or 2005 dimes, you won’t need a very high frequency since they won’t be buried very deeply. If you’re after older, rarer coins, you’ll have trouble finding them with a detector that only reaches 6 inches down. 

If you choose a detector with a shorter range, it may still pick up signals deep in the ground, but it will likely misread them as different kinds of metal or mere garbage instead of the coin you want to find. The frequency of your machine will affect how deep it can sense accurately, so you’ll want a low frequency for coin collecting since they can search at greater depths.

Target Separation or Discrimination 

When you know what you’re looking for, you go to places you’re likely to find it, which for coin collectors means busy places like parks and beaches. The problem is that these places will also have a lot of litter and trash that could interfere with your hunt, especially if your metal detector goes off at every turn.

To avoid this, look for machines that will allow you to hone in on certain frequencies so that sensor alerts will only go off when the results look promising. Detectors with this ability for sale will indicate this as target separation or discrimination, so when you choose your coin-hunting tools, keep an eye out for those terms.

Accessory Coils

On your coin-hunting journey, you’ll find that there’s no single machine that will be perfect for your needs. Different accessory coils will be suitable for different terrains and searches since they use different means of pinpointing their targets. You may need to try both concentric and DD coils, and multiple sizes, before you can determine what works best for you.

When you’re new to coin hunting, you may not have a lot of money to put into your hobby. Basic packages and bare minimum accessories may tempt you with lower price tags. If you plan to keep at this for a while, though, look for something that will go the distance with you. Seek out a detector that will have multiple accessory coils to accommodate your needs.


In the end, personal preference will be a big part of your final choice. Do you prefer auditory or visual signaling? Can you set the ground balance for your area so that it doesn’t pick up trace elements in the dirt? Metal detectors have many features that come down to what you work best with, so don’t be afraid to get the wrong one; just find one that works for you.

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