1900-1909 Magicians Token of Anna Eva Fay

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Dates in the time frame 1900 to 1909 Early magicians token of Anna Eva Fay (1851-1927).

Reverse: Depiction of Vishnu, a god with three arms sitting cross legged. Has letters MASCOT above and A. E. F. below.

Obverse: Hieroglyphic letters around the outer edge. Wreath in circle with “AYX / 70d / 770” inside.Token has ragged perimeter and is about 1.25 inches across.


Born Ann Eliza Heathman in Southington, Ohio. She was a Spiritualist who was popular in vaudeville during the late 1800s. Billed herself as “The Indescribable Phenomenon”. She was a fascinating woman on many levels. She began as a medium, one who was highly investigated and fooled many of the top minds in the world who researched psychic phenomenon. But still she was a fake. So that makes some of her achievements even more remarkable.


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