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Gold: The US sets the price but Asia does the buying

Posted June 11, 2015

It seems illogical that gold price movement seems to be dominated by US internal factors while most gold trade is elsewhere. LONDON – What’s driving the gold price? At the moment it seems to be a succession of knee-jerk reactions to U.S financial data which push the gold price up or down, depending on the perception… View Article

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Palladium

Posted May 22, 2015

You’ve heard of silver, gold, copper, bronze, and even platinum. You know that each of these metals gives you a significant return when you sell them, and you wish you ran into them more often. However, you can’t continue to scrap every computer you own for gold. So how do you profit from precious metals… View Article

6 Rare US Coins That Could Be Hiding in Your Wallet

Posted May 19, 2015

If you’ve spent any time collecting coins, you know that imperfections or alterations in the minting process can result in interesting coins. These coin changes often go unnoticed. Most people probably don’t inspect each penny they get back as change. But maybe you should take a closer look at the coins in your wallet. Over… View Article

What’s Next for the Gold Price?

Posted May 14, 2015

Will gold zoom higher with Greece on the brink of default? Or will it crash as the Fed pursues an “exit?” Why has gold not rallied with the recent retreat of the dollar? To understand where gold may be heading, keep in mind that this shiny metal isn’t changing; it’s the world around it that… View Article

Who’s Got The Gold?

Posted May 12, 2015

In 1971, the US abruptly went off the gold standard, and in making the public announcement, US President Richard Nixon looked into the television camera and said, “We’re all Keynesian’s now.” I was a young man at the time and had previously bought gold, albeit on a very small scale, but I recall looking into the face… View Article

China One Step Closer to Becoming World’s Gold Hub

Posted May 6, 2015

Shanghai Gold Exchange one step closer to becoming the globe’s major gold hub China tests system at Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) to establish yuan-denominated gold price fix SGE opened last year allowing trade in physical gold as opposed to electronic futures contracts on COMEX Yuan fix, which has broad regional support, will rival the century… View Article

Can Gold Save The World From The Credit Bubble?

Posted May 5, 2015

In a financial world of contradictions, chaos, and confusion, perhaps a “gold-centric” perspective will provide clarity. The media is filled with comments from notable “gold-bashers” such as Benjamin Bernanke, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates. Their criticisms of gold (in my opinion) boil down to: Gold has no real value – you can’t eat it or… View Article

Is Russia Moving to a Gold-Backed Currency?

Posted May 5, 2015

While the IMF still reports the United States as the largest holder of gold reserves by far, these are essentially self-reported numbers. They are not reliable because countries could have incentives to under report or over report their gold reserves. It is thought by many that China, at least up until this point, has under… View Article

Stella $4 gold piece goes for $1.8 million

Posted May 1, 2015

Stella $4 gold pieces dazzled at the Heritage Central States Numismatic Society convention April 22-25. Over $1.82 million was paid for an 1880 $4 Coiled Hair Stella. It was graded  Proof-67 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and it had a Certified Acceptance Corporation sticker. Greg Rohan, president of Heritage Auctions, said, “In terms of important Stellas… View Article