Have you ever thought of ways to devise a get-rich-quick scheme? Maybe when you were younger, you thought a lemonade stand would rake in gobs of cash for your spending pleasure. Or perhaps you offered to mow neighborhood lawns so that you could afford a new bike.

But now, you make a living working a full or part-time job. You may be raising children, trying to keep an always-messy house as clean as possible. And sometimes, you might wish you could make just a little extra money to help pay for your expenses.

In this blog post, we discuss six different ways you can (sort of) relive those get-rich plans of times past. Read on to learn how to make a few extra dollars.

1. Recycle Used Cans, Bottles, and Other Items

If you strive to be conscious of your ecological footprint, what better way to generate a bit of cash than through recycling? When you recycle cans and bottles, you simultaneously declutter your garage or backyard, making space for other more important items.

Many communities have a recycling center where you receive money based on the weight of your recyclable items. For example, used aluminum cans usually go for 40-50 cents per pound. In addition to cans, you can bring in plastics, glass, newspaper, and even electronic equipment like old speakers.

2. Donate Blood or Plasma

Scared of needles? If you’re like most people, you probably have valid reasons for refusing to allow sharp metal objects into your skin. But you might want to reconsider if you have the opportunity to give blood.

In addition to helping save lives, you often receive free snacks when donating blood and a small payout when donating plasma, typically between $20-$50 per donation. After you pass an initial exam, you can make periodic trips to local donation centers to give your plasma or blood.

3. Sell Rare Coins or Precious Metals

You might have always wondered what to do with your uncle’s old coin collection. Rather than keep it in a dusty drawer, consider selling these coins to a coin shop. Depending on the coin’s condition and rarity, you can make an agreeable sum of money.

And coins aren’t the only items to sell−make sure you scrounge up any unwanted pieces of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You never know when an ordinary-looking accessory or coin could be worth an extraordinary price.

4. Offer to Babysit or Pet-Sit

Perhaps you have good friends across the street who are planning a vacation or romantic getaway yet need someone trustworthy to watch over their young son or daughter. Or they have a pet that needs attention during their absence.

If you have a weekday off or a free weekend, why not offer to babysit? Discuss and agree on an hourly rate, and then enjoy the experience. You can make anywhere from $8 to $15 an hour, and you’ll appreciate the time you spend watching cartoons with a fun-loving four-year-old or playing fetch with an English bulldog.

5. Participate in a Clinical Trial

In addition to donating blood, volunteering for a clinical study or trial can bring a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. As a bonus, most clinical trials offer volunteers monetary compensation for their time. Keep in mind that medical trials can range from a shorter study on asthma medications to longer research on cancer treatments.

If you qualify for a specific trial and your health permits, you may be paid a few hundred dollars or more for your willingness to participate. Not to mention, you can receive free access to brand-new treatment methods and physical diagnostics.

6. Host a Yard Sale

Holding a yard sale might take a bit more patience than the other items on this list, but when you prepare and manage one wisely, you reap two benefits. First, you can make some extra cash depending on the amount of belongings you sell. Second, you rid your home of old, unneeded possessions and clear out crowded areas of your property.

Be sure to do the pricing yourself, with clothing items lower than $20, antique or heirloom items above $20, and smaller knickknacks and books up to $10. And don’t forget–you can always use websites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist to sell items, too.

These are just six different ways you can apply your skills and efforts into making more money. If you take the time to think creatively, you might discover even more opportunities to earn money outside of your job.

And remember, if you do have any precious metals or rare coins, be sure to go to a reputable dealer that offers you a fair deal.