Are you struggling to find the perfect presents for your family, friends, and co-workers? Make easy work of this year’s holiday shopping by purchasing collectible coins for the people on your list. Here are four types of coins that are lifetime, meaningful gifts for the recipients.

  1. Coins From Significant Dates

Coins from a certain year are wonderful ways to commemorate important dates for friends and loved ones. Assemble a set of random coins from around the world, or purchase a mint set of coins from a certain year.

The following events can be commemorated with special coins:

  • Birth year
  • Conception year
  • Wedding year
  • Graduation year

Any event year that has meaning can be chosen as the basis for a gift coin. Or buy your loved one a rare coin that’s exactly 100 years older than they are for a fun numismatic present.

  1. Coins From Country of Origin

A transplant from a different nation or territory is often homesick and longing for reminders of home, even if they appreciate their new resident country. Giving a transplant a set of coins from their home nation is a kind way to put a little bit of their old country in their hands.

Purchase modern or antique foreign coins for a friend or co-worker from another nation. Antique and ancient coins will generally be pricier than modern coins, but modern coins can still be worthwhile investments.

A person from the U.K. might appreciate common, moderately priced £1 coins, including the following:

  • 1991 and 2001 Celtic cross
  • 2005 Menai Bridge
  • 1995 and 2000 Welsh dragon
  • 1994 Scottish lion

Most modern nations mint a variety of coins for collectors. If you can’t find a coin from a specific nation, talk to a qualified coin dealer. Experienced coin dealers have connections all over the world and will actively search for coins from the nation of your choosing.

  1. Coins for a World Traveler

Whether your gift recipient has recently made their first trip out of the U.S. or they travel year-round, they’ll appreciate coins from the places they’ve wandered. Purchase everyday coins or specially minted coins from foreign nations to bring a smile to a traveler’s face.

Purchase the following coins that correspond with your recipient’s journeys:

  • Russian ruble
  • Bulgarian lev
  • Caribbean guilder
  • Hong Kong 10-cent coin
  • Danish krone
  • Mexican peso
  • Brazilian real or centavo
  • Chinese dragon dollar
  • Japanese yen

Foreign coins are interesting and enjoyable to collect. Some coins, including many minted in Japan and Denmark, feature round or square holes in the centers of the coins. The holes can be used to fashion the coins into pendants or bracelet charms without drilling into the metal.

Coins are also minted with images of specific cities or notable locations. For example, if your traveling friend fell in love with Paris, ask your coin dealer to locate a set of coins that feature images of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Chartres Cathedral.

  1. Coins for Animal Lovers

Do you have a person who’s a passionate dog, cat, or horse lover on your gift list? Buy them a set of coins that feature their favorite animal on the obverse or reverse side of the coin. Numerous coins are minted each year with animal designs of all types.

Birds and horses are common designs on coins from around the world, but you can find coins featuring nearly any kind of animal in the marketplace. Choose modern coins for a modest gift, or select antique animal-themed coins to give a more valuable present to a loved one.

Choose ancient Roman coins as historic and aesthetic representations of animals in early civilizations. Roman provinces were personified by deities who were associated with specific animals, so Roman coins are struck with images of all types of creatures.

The following animals are featured on ancient Roman denarius coins and other coinage:

  • Ibis
  • Scorpion
  • Rabbit
  • Eagle
  • Horse
  • Bull
  • Donkey
  • Camel
  • Butterfly
  • Dolphin
  • Owl
  • Goat
  • Snake

During Julius Caesar’s reign over the Roman Republic, elephants were often struck on coins, as they were symbols of the ruler’s strength and power. According to experts, the animal designs on ancient Roman coins are excellent examples of the relationships between people and fauna at the time of the Roman Empire’s prominence.

Coin dealers have access to animal-themed coins from all over the world. Acquire a zoo full of animals for a child’s first coin collection, or find coins that feature a loved one’s favorite breed of dog. Animal-themed coins celebrate the love of creatures and offer your friends and family enduring treasures they can hold, display, and enjoy for years to come.

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