New Coin Collector? 5 Ways to Learn About This Hobby


Do you want to start collecting coins but don’t know anything about this hobby? If so, don’t panic. You can learn all you need to know to enjoy this fascinating hobby. Here are five ways you can educate yourself in order to have the best success possible. 

  1. Read Some Books

Books may sound a little old-fashioned, but they are detailed sources. While you may be able to get some information freely on the internet, you don’t have the same guarantee that the information is written by an actual expert. You are also more likely to get surface information instead of deep, meaningful probing. Don’t discount older books, as these are more likely to offer detailed analysis of timeless subjects.  

Local dealers as well as coin collecting clubs can provide recommendations for professional books that they find useful. If you join an association like the American Numismatic Association, you may also be able to check out books from their members’ library. 

  1. Subscribe to Periodicals

There are a number of quality numismatic magazines. The American Numismatic Association, for instance, publishes both digital and print versions of The Numismatist. The primary benefit of coin collecting magazines is that you learn about trends and new discoveries within the collecting community. You’ll get a variety of articles on different subjects so you gain a wide range of knowledge. 

Look for other periodical information, including newsletters and email distributions from auction houses, coin shows, clubs, government agencies, and private dealers. While some of this information may be biased, it helps you say abreast of the field. 

  1. Join a Coin Club

Coin clubs give you a variety of ways to learn more. You have many choices ranging from local clubs to national organizations. 

Local clubs are useful for the personal contacts you’ll build. You can talk more informally and work hands-on with people who have more experience than you. Local organizations also put you into contact with other experts you need, including reputable dealers, auction houses, and even pawn shops with coin inventory. Some clubs have a particular specialty, such as tokens, while others are more generalized. 

Along with clubs, attend coin shows and conventions. You can meet new club contacts there and learn from many different vendors without committing to any purchases. 

  1. Talk to Dealers

Dealers and other coin sellers can be a valuable resource for new collectors. These are semi-professionals with significant experience and they’re often happy to share their wisdom. Look for experienced collectors who attend shows and auctions on a regular basis. These individuals keep up with what’s going on in the market, pricing trends, and new coins that are drawing attention. 

  1. Organize Your Own Coins

Once you start learning about the goals and methods of coin collecting, gain practical experience by organizing your nascent collection. If you’re just getting started, you could just organize things in a notebook using criteria as you learn more about each type. This might include new concepts like mint markings, grade, and errors. By working with real coins and rating things yourself, you learn to put knowledge into action. 

Can you utilize any of these means for learning more about coin collecting? Whether you take advantage of just a few sources or all the various outlets mentioned, your knowledge and skills as a collector will constantly grow. And you’ll not only enjoy your coin collection more but you’ll be more likely to earn a tidy profit.

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