Naval Aviation in Space limited edition print of 1000


Serial Number 561 of 1000 Framed $6000
Approximately 30 x 37

Serial Number 562 of 1000 Un-Framed $5800
Approximately 20 x 28


Certificate of Authenticity:
Naval Aviation in Space is a limited edition printing of 1000 from the original watercolor by R. L. Rasmussen.
It is copyright protected against reproduction, and there will be no other editions.

Each print has been signed by nine pioneering astronauts in the American space program representing the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Shuttle programs.
The signatures are certified authentic. R. L. “Bob” Rasmussen is a respected aviation artist and currently is the Director of the National Museum of Naval Aviation.

Naval Aviation in Space Signed by Astronauts …

■ NEIL ARMSTRONG, the first man on the moon
■ GENE CERNAN, the last man on the moon
■ PETE CONRAD, Commander of Gemini, Apollo and Skylab missions
■ JOHN GLENN, first American to orbit the earth
■ RICK HAUCK, Commander of the first shuttle flight after the Challenger tragedy
■ JACK LOUSMA, spent 59-1/2 days aboard Skylab 3 and twice walked in space
■ JAMES LOVELL, Commander of the maiden voyage to the moon
■ WALLY SCHIRRA, only “original seven” astronaut to fly Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions
■ ALAN SHEPARD, first American in space in



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