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Military Payment Certificates

Used to pay U.S. military personnel in foreign countries, Military Payment Certificates (MPC) were issued from the end of World War II until a few months after the end of the Vietnam War. Fifteen series of MPC notes were created, though only thirteen series were issued to servicemen. MPC were created to prevent U.S. notes from being used as the primary currency in the host country of an ongoing military conflict. Most were redeemed for an equivalent amount of U.S. currency, though some were kept as souvenirs.

Series 521 $5 Military Payment Certificate

Series 521 $5 Military Payment Certificate. The Series 521 MPCs were used in 19 countries between May 1954 and May 1958. 6.4 million $5 MPC notes were printed. This note has a fold in the middle.


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Series 661 $20 Military Payment Certificate

Series 661 $20 Military Payment Certificate. In use from October 1968 to August 1969, the Series 661 $20 Military Payment Certificate was used by military servicemen in as many as 19 countries. 8 million $20 MPC notes were printed in the series.


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