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Double Eagles U.S. $20 Gold

The $20 Gold pieces were first conceived in 1849, during which year several patterns were struck. Only one of these is known today, the specimen in the Smithsonian Institution.

The following year, 1850, saw the first issues produced for circulation. These large and heavy coins were made in large quantities and served well in the channels of commerce during a time when public confidence in paper money was low.

In 1907 the coinage was redesigned at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt. the illustrious MCMVII issues of Augustus Saint-Gaudens stand out as a highlight in American coinage. Later Saint-Gaudens issues used regular (in Arabic numerals) dates and were minted in large quantities through 1933. Most Pieces made during the 20th century were stored in banks or shipped to overseas banks and treasuries.

Foreign nations preferred the security of gold to the uncertainty of American paper money. Many issues with high mintages, the Denver and San Francisco issues of 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1930 and 1931 being examples, were shipped to storage and subsequently melted for the most part.

As a result, many of these are extreme rarities today.


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