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Morgan Dollar (1878 - 1921)

Designed by George T. Morgan, Morgan dollars are some of the most sought after silver dollars ever produced. Minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921, they are made of 90% silver, 10% copper, and contain 0.7734 oz of pure silver.

Below is a sampling of our inventory, which changes daily. Please stop by at our Denver or Greenwood Village store or email us for specific needs.

1879-CC $1 Morgan Dollar GSA Hoard NGC MS62

1879-CC $1 Morgan Dollar GSA Hoard NGC MS62. This historic coin is a valuable memento of an era in American history when pioneers were challenging the West. The silver in this dollar was mined from the rich Comstock Lode, discovered in the mountains near Carson City, Nevada. The Carson City Mint was established there in 1870, and although it was in existence for a mere 24 years, it produced many coins which have endured as collectors’ items, among them the 13 piece Morgan dollar series of 1878-1893. Their link with a historic period in our nation’s history gives these dollars an added appeal. This coin is a specimen of the Morgan dollar, containing 90% silver, which somehow survived the massive coin melts of the early 1900s. They were discovered by a Treasury audit in 1964, after nearly a century of obscurity in the vaults. Includes COA and box.



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1890-CC $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64

1890-CC $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64. Frosty white & well struck. Very eye appealing as only a few light bag marks keeps this coin out of the Gem BU65 category.


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1891-CC $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64

1891-CC $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS64. Sharply struck with satiny white Luster.


1 in stock

1892-CC $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS62

1892-CC $1 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS62. Frosty white surfaces, Low Mintage




Our inventory changes daily. Please stop by at our Denver or Greenwood Village location, or email us for specific needs.

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