White’s MXT All Pro Metal Detector

  • Description

    The MXT All Pro is a slightly more modern take on the legendary performance and simplicity of the MXT line. The all-new keypad, high-efficiency backlight, Tone ID, and Ground Grab settings lock are just some of the responses to customer feedback on one of the most popular metal detectors of all time. The 10″ DD comes standard, and is well-suited to all-around hunting and highly mineralized ground.

    Three separate programs give you versatility with different target responses, display info, and audio frequencies for relics, prospecting, and coins/jewelry.

    • Relic: Specifically identifies buttons, buckles, and bullets with three options for tone ID.
    • Prospecting: Iron Grunt for targets for high probability of being iron.
    • Coin/Jewelry: Coin/jewelry/trash target ID with seven tones telling you the type of target before you dig.

    Long-time users of the MXT appreciate the simplicity of its controls—Gain maximizes sensitivity and depth. Threshold allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of detected targets. Dual control functions differently in each program.


    • Frequency: 14 kHz
    • Optional Coils: Eclipse family
    • Backlit Display: Yes
    • Disc Audio: All options
    • Batteries: 8-AA
    • Self-Adjusting Threshold: Adjustable
    • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4″ Headphone jack
    • Battery Life: 40 hours
    • Ground Balance: Automatic and Tracking


    MXT All-Pro Instruction Manual (English)