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Sell to Us

At Rocky Mountain Coin, we pay highly competitive prices for your coins, currency, jewelry and gold, silver and platinum bullion. If you’re wondering whether we buy something you may have, this page provides general information on what we do and do not buy.

What We Buy


We look at thousands of coins every week, and purchase most rare coins. We will look at any coins you think may be valuable. However, to save you the time and expense of visiting one of our stores with items that may be old but not rare or valuable, we suggest to obtain the current guidebook of US Coin values, (available in-store) so that you can be confident that you receive the best possible and competitive price on items of value. Your questions are always welcome whether you’re in the store or on the phone. If you’re not sure whether we may be interested in something you have, do not hesitate to give us a call at (303) 777-4653.

Jewelry and Scrap Metal

We are currently buying gold jewelry and diamonds one carat and above. We also buy scrap gold (such as from dental crowns and fillings) and sterling silver (such as from flatware).

Bullion (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

We buy gold coins and bars; silver coins, bars and rounds; platinum coins and bars; and palladium coins and bars.

How to Sell

Do not clean coins or paper money. Collectors prefer coins and paper money in their original condition, so cleaning can reduce the value of your items by tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you have just a few items, stop by either of our locations during business hours, and one of our appraisers will evaluate the condition of what you have. For larger collections, please call ahead to make an appointment for an evaluation. We will make a competitive offer if it is something we need. If you choose to accept our offer, we require a valid, non-expired government-issued Photo ID to fill out a Declaration of Ownership form.

How will I be paid?

Upon completion of any transaction, you will be paid with immediate funds. We can also wire transfer to your bank or financial institution for a small fee.

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